Petrel Assessment & Care Team (PACT)

Petrel Assessment & Care Team (PACT)

PACT Mission:

The Petrel Assessment and Care Team (PACT) is a campus-wide group of multi-disciplinary trained professionals who are responsible for identifying, assessing, mitigating and responding to concerning behaviors by students, faculty, staff and affiliated guests, particularly those which present a risk to the health and safety of self, others and/or the Oglethorpe University premises. 

PACT Objectives:

PACT’s key objective is to aid in maintaining a campus environment that is safe, conducive to learning, and connects distressed individuals to support services. PACT strives to be proactive instead of reactive to individuals in distress by: 

  • Fostering a culture of care and reporting to ensure concerns are identified and provided appropriate support. 
  • Serving as a centralized reporting & referral mechanism to better identify, assess, manage, and support OU community members whose behavior causes concern. 
  • Improving coordination & communication regarding behavioral issues across campus. 
  • Utilizing proactive approaches & early intervention strategies with at-risk students to prevent escalation of concerns & fill gaps in support services. 
  • Providing training, resources, and support to the OU community to better identify & address concerns. 
PACT Referral

When should I make a PACT Report?

If you are not sure if a situation rises to the level of submitting a PACT Report, please feel free to contact the team at [email protected] or 404-364-8321 for consultation.  

Frequent arguments with others
Excessive alcohol or drug use
Sexually harassing or aggressive behavior
Hardened or objectified language
Argumentative with authority
Explosive or impulsive behavior
Extreme emotions for the situation
Teasing or bullying
Social withdrawal, isolation, loneliness
Change in personality
Repetitive or anxious behaviors
Panic or worry over common troubles
Marked irritability, anger, hostility
Talking to or seeing things that aren’t there
Delusional or paranoid speech or actions
Difficulty connecting with others
Direct or indirect threat of harm to self or others
Showing or brandishing a weapon
Chronic fatigue
Falling asleep at inappropriate times
Marked change in energy level
Dramatic weight loss or gain
Confused, disjointed or rapid speech, thoughts or actions
Attends class or work hungover, intoxicated
Frequently appears hungover or intoxicated
Signs of self injury
Argumentative, angry, disrespectful or non-compliant
Frequent & continued cross-talk and/or technology misuse
Social Isolation or odd behavior, and/or poor boundaries
A sudden or unexpected change in classroom performance
Decline in enthusiasm for class
Poor focus of attention in class that is unusual for the student
Threatening (direct or indirect) behavior or speech
Strange or bizarre writing (e.g., the writing is off topic)
Disruptive, hardened or unusual participation in class
Fixation or focus on an individual, place or system
Hardened or inflexible thoughts or speech 

If you feel a student, faculty or staff member is in distress, please submit a report of concern to the Petrel Assessment & Care Team (PACT).

PACT Referral

Privacy and Anonymity

We understand the sensitivity of reported concerns and make concerted efforts to respect the privacy of the reporting party as much as possible. Reports of concerning behavior made to PACT are handled as discreetly as possible with relevant information made available only to those who need to know, access, and/or properly intervene. Disclosure of threatening behavior(s) may be necessary to protect the health and safety of the university community or as required by law.

Resources for Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty should refer to the Center for Academic Success if a student is exhibiting signs of academic challenges such as poor performance, excessive absences or tardiness, a decline in quality of work, etc.  
  • Suspected violations of the Oglethorpe University Honor Code include behaviors such as cheating, plagiarism, resubmission of work and more. Violations of the honor code is prohibited at Oglethorpe University, therefore faculty and students are encouraged to report alleged violations via the following reporting form: 

Resources For Students

PACT Core Membership

PACT is chaired by the Associate Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities. PACT’s membership is comprised of representatives from university departments and areas who are appropriately trained for responding to significant behavioral or safety concerns.

  • Sari-Jai Walker – Associate Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities – (Chairperson) 
  • Dr. Meredith Raimondo – Vice President of Student Affairs  
  • Dr. Kendra King Momon – Interim Provost/ Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Michelle Lyn – Director of University Counseling Center  
  • Blake Petty – Assistant Dean of Students / Director of Residence Life  
  • Dylan Whitney – Director of Campus Safety  
  • Miriam Smith – Senior Director of Title IX & Equity / Title IX Coordinator 
  • Sandy Butler – Human Resources Director 

Oglethorpe University promotes an environment where the health, safety and well-being of all members of the campus community are supported. To that end, the Petrel Assessment & Care Team (PACT), a university-based multidisciplinary intervention and response team, is responsible for coordinating resources to address and manage patterns and/or instances of concerning, distressing, disruptive, disturbing or dangerous behaviors.

PACT is not a substitute for appropriate law enforcement or emergency services involvement.

Campus community members should call
9-1-1 and Campus Safety at 404-504-1998 if there is a threat of imminent danger or harm.