Tobacco Policy

Knowing the dangers of tobacco use for users and by-standers, Oglethorpe University’s campus aspires to be a Tobacco Free campus. Tobacco use is restricted to use at eight tobacco stations across campus. This policy applies to all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Tobacco products are defined as cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaporizers, cigars, pipes, cigarillos, bidis, hookahs, all forms of smokeless tobacco, and any other smoking devices that simulate the use of tobacco.

Tobacco Station Map

Oglethorpe’s Tobacco Free Policy prohibits tobacco products in and on university owned and/or leased property. This includes:

  • All indoor buildings and facilities
  • All outdoor spaces and grounds, and in campus-owned, leased or rented vehicles
  • All residence hall and Greek houses. This includes student rooms and public spaces (lobbies, hallways, lounges, recreation areas, windows)
  • All sponsored sporting and public events.


  • Sale and/or free distribution of tobacco products on campus is prohibited.
  • Tobacco promotion, marketing, or advertising on campus and in university publications is prohibited.
  • Sponsorship or funding from tobacco companies for campus organizations or activities is prohibited.


  • Guests and visitors are asked to adhere to our policy.
  • Effective enforcement is a campus-wide effort, and a single department can not accomplish this task alone.
  • If you do not feel comfortable asking someone to adhere to the policy, please contact Campus Safety at 404-504-1998.
  • Offenders will be recorded in our conduct system. The first offense is a $50 fine payable to the university or the American Cancer Society. Second offense is a fine of $50 and 10 restitution hours. A third offense is $100 and possible suspension from campus housing.